DBI/SALA Confined Space Rescue

Confined Space Rescue

DBI/SALA designs and manufactures the most technologically advanced confined space rescue and retrieval systems in the industry. Each component meets or exceeds applicable industry standards, including UL certification for our davit arm and bases, tripods and Salalift® winches. With DBI/SALA you ALWAYS get the highest possible level of protection.

Whether raising, lowering or supporting personnel or materials, our confined space rescue and retrieval systems are designed for versatility and ease of use. They serve as true workhorses, providing routine work support and fall protection, and performing as perfectly engineered rescue/retrieval systems during emergencies in areas such as manholes, tanks bins, vaults, etc.

Aluminum Tripod

Designed to withstand up to 5,000 lbs. of vertical pull, DBI/SALA tripods are lightweight and portable without sacrificing strength and durability. Setup is quick and easy, requiring only one person.

  • 7 ft. long
  • Adjustable locking legs
  • safety chains
  • Non-slip rubber safety shoes with spiked edges
  • Rope pulley assembly
  • Mounting brackets
  • Similar Model:
    8000010: 9 ft. long

Tripod Carrying Bag
  • For 7 ft. Tripod
  • Similar Model:
    9503095: for 9 ft. tripod

Tripod Accessories

For ease of use and added flexibility, DBI/SALA offers several handy accessories for tripods.

Snatch Block
  • Attaches to the
    tripod eye bolt for
    routing the back-up
    winch or SRL cable
  • Steel
Leg Mount Pulley
  • Attaches to tripod
    leg for routing the
    back-up winch or
    SRL cable
  • Aluminum
Tripod Mounting Base
  • Attaches to tripod leg
  • Mates with winch or SRL bracket
  • Use with back-up system

Wall Mount Bracket

When a confined space is entered often and a tripod or davit arm is not a feasible solution, wall mount brackets are an excellent choice. Bolt the bracket to a wall or surface near the confined space area as an anchorage for a mechanical device (Salalift® Winch or Sealed SRL).

A. 8004176
  • Wall mount bracket
  • Mounting bracket base for winch or SRL

B. 8004187
Pulley Assembly

  • Optional for wall mount bracket (8004176)
  • Routes lifeline over entry area

Davit Arm/Base Assembly

Durable and dependable describe DBI/SALA’s portable Davit Arm and Base. A versatile alternative to a tripod, the anodized aluminum davit arm is easy to set up. Three bases offer flexibility: a free standing portable base and separate permanent bases for steel or cement.

A. 8004030
  • Anodized aluminum and zinc plated steel davit arm
  • Pulley to route lifeline
  • Mounting brackets for a winch or SRL
  • Back-up anchorage points
  • 5,000 lbs. min. strength from any anchorage point

B. 8003930

  • Free-standing portable base with adjustable height feet, locking pins for legs and wheels for transport
    (with davit arm - 8002032)

C. 8004031

  • Permanent base for steel, galvanized steel (with davit arm - 8002031)

D. 8004032

  • Permanent base for cement, galvanized steel
    (with davit arm - 80002030)

Heavy-Duty Work Support & Rescue Device

Whether raising, lowering or supporting people or materials, the sturdily constructed Salalift® has a triple braking system to provide added safety. The gear system comes with two-speed input so raising and lowering is quick and easy; just rotate the handle to lower or raise your load to the desired position.

  • Two independent centrifical brakes, one dead man
    type brake
  • Two-speed input: primary 6.6:2; secondary 3.3:1
  • Steel gears within oil bath
  • Ball bearing type construction
  • Heat treated cast aluminum housing
  • Load limiting input handle
  • Level wind cable devices
  • 60 ft. long - ¼" galvanized cable
  • Quick-mount bracket
  • Winch bag
  • Similar Models:
    8101002: 60 ft. - 1/4" stainless steel
    8101004: 120 ft. - 1/4" galvanized cable
    8101006: 120 ft. - 1/4" stainless steel

Lightweight Work Support & Rescue Device

This second generation Salalift® winch exceeds all industry requirements, providing technology for dependability and ease of use.

  • 6:1 gear ratio with ave. lifting speed of 12.75 ft./min.
  • Lightweight (35 - 37 lbs.)
  • Quick-mount bracket
  • Free-wheel mode for operator maneuverability
  • Overload clutch
  • Polyethylene housing cover
  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • Safety hook with impact indicator
  • Reserve lifeline
  • 60 ft. - ¼" galvanized cable
  • Winch bag
  • Similar Models:
    8102003: 60 ft. - 1/4" stainless steel
    8102099: 90 ft. - 3/16" galvanized steel
    8102011: 90 ft. - 3/16" stainless steel
    8102005: 120 ft. - 3/16" galvanized steel
    8102007: 120 ft. - 3/16" stainless steel

Sealed SRL
Fall Protection & Rescue Device

Sealed self-retracting lifelines with emergency retrieval features are spring tensioned for normal work motions. However, if you slip or fall, the sudden jerk in the cable activates the braking mechanisms and brings you to a stop. The stem then provides emergency retrieval.

  • Input handle with primary brake
  • Overload device in winch drive
  • Fall arrest capabilities in retrieval mode
  • Heat treated alloy steel gears, alloy steel shafting
  • 50 ft. of 3/16" galvanized cable
  • Steel indicating swivel hook
  • Quick-mount bracket 3401065 and carrying bag 9503515
  • Similar Models:
    3400108: with stainless steel cable
    3400311: 85 ft. galv. cable
    3400309: 85 ft. stainless steel
    3400509: 130 ft. galv. cable
    3400508: 130 ft. stainless steel

Material Winches

It is important to use this basic winch for material lifting ONLY; not for lifting workers.

  • 60 ft. of 3/16" galvanized cable
  • 4.1:1 gear ratio
  • Quick-mount bracket
  • 350 lb. rating
  • Similar Models:
    8300201: with 8000000 7 ft. tripod
    8300202: with 8000010 9 ft. tripod

Rescue Systems

For utmost confidence, DBI/SALA’s packaged rescue systems are a perfect rescue/retrieval safety solution. You can go onto the job knowing that your equipment is ready to go; totally compatible and built with DBI/SALA quality.

Winch/SRL/Tripod Combination
  • Lightweight, portable confined space entry system
  • Salalift® winch with 60 ft. of 1/4" galvanized cable (8101000) and carrying bag
  • Back-up sealed self-retracting lifeline with emergency retrieval and 50 ft. 3/16" galvanized cable (3400115), mounting bracket (3401065) and carrying bag
  • 7 foot aluminum tripod (8000000)
  • legmount pulley (8003238)
  • Tripod mounting base (8005048)
  • Similar Models:
    8300001: tripod and winch only
    9301000: tripod and SRL only
    9304010: tripod, SRL and Salalift® winch (8102001)
6116026 and 6116027
SRL Ladder Mounting Anchorage System
  • Removable anchorage for fixed ladders
  • Top mounting bracket assembly (removable)
  • Bottom mounting bracket (permanently attached)
  • Sealed self-retraction lifeline hangs from top bracket
    (order separately)

6116038 and 6116027
Ladder Mast Anchorage System
  • Removable anchorage for fixed ladders
  • Removable ladder mast with pulleys and mounting
    bracket for winch or SRL
  • Bottom mounting bracket (permanently attached)
  • Salalift® II winch or sealed SRL attaches to mast
    (order separately)
Davit Arm and Base with Salalift® Winch
  • Versalite alternative when a tripod is unfeasible
  • Davit arm with portable base (80002032)
  • Winch with 60 ft. 1/4" galvanized cable (8101000)
  • Winch Bag
  • Similar Models:
    9302060 with Salalift® II winch only
    9303030 with sealed SRL only

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