Miller® Confined Space Equipment

Miller® MightEvac™

Self-Retracting Lifeline with Emergency Retrieval Hoist

No Annual Factory Recertification Required*

The new Miller MightEvac combines the superior performance and reliability of the best-selling MightyLite Self-Retracting Lifeline Series with a quick-activating retrieval mechanism for emergency evacuation.


  • No Annual Factory Recertification Required* - Significant long-term savings/lower cost of ownership
  • 20% lighter than competitive models
  • Provides quick and easy rescue with a 4:1 mechanical advantage (average speed of 25 feet (7.6m) a minute.
  • 310 lb. (1.4kN) weight capacity
  • Durable, field-tested construction
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel/aluminum components
  • Convenient, heavy-duty carrying handle
  • Available in galvanized or stainless steel wire rope and Kevlar rope in lengths of 50 feet (15m), 100 feet (30m) and 130 feet (40m)

Meets OSHA; ANSI A10.14, Z359.1; (SA symbol) Z259.2.2 Type 3 and (CE symbol) standards.

*Does not apply to Canada due to SCA Z259.2.2-98 requirements. Must be inspected by a DFP authorized service center if involved in a fall or if fails user visual or function inspection.

MightEvac™ Units
Length of Wire Rope MightEvac Unit** w/Galvanized Wire Rope MightEvac Unit w/Mounting Bracket
50’ (15m) MR50G MR50GB
100’ (30m) MR100G MR100GB
130’ (40m) MR130G MR130GB
Complete Confined Space Systems*
MighEvac Unit w/7-foot (2m) Tripod & Mounting Bracket MightEvac Unit w/7-foot (2m) Tripod, Mounting Bracket & ManHandler Hoist MighEvac Unit
w/9-foot (2.7m) Tripod & Mounting Bracket
MightEvac Unit
w/9-foot (2.7m) Tripod, Mounting Bracket & ManHandler Hoist
MR100GC - MR100GX -
MR130GC - MR130GX -
*Confined Space Systems also include a pulley, carabiner and two heavy-duty equipment bags.
**For stainless steel wire rope, change the "G." to an "S." in the corresponding model number.
(Ex: MR50G becomes MR50S and MR130GC becomes MR130SC). For Kevlar Rope, change
the "G." to a "K." in the model number, ManHandler Hoist only available in 60' (18m) length.

Miller® ManHandler® Hoist

The Miller ManHandler Hoist is the perfect solution for a range of applications including confined space entry, rescue, positioning, and personnel/material handling.

  • Compact, durable steel construction
  • Smooth, controlled winding action
  • Effortless lifting and lowering with 5:1 gear ratio
  • Anti-backlash crank handle braking system prevents free-wheeling
  • Built-in mounting bracket
  • Integral load indicator warns of overloading and the need for inspection and/or service
  • 350lb. (1.6kN) working capacity

Miller® Tripod

The Miller Tripod is the anchorage connector for typical confined space and rescue systems.


  • Lightweight – only 42 lbs. (.2kN), high-strength aluminum construction
  • Withstands up to 5,000 lbs. (22kN) of vertical pull
  • Adjustable legs with integral push pins, ideal for uneven surfaces.
  • Independent leg locking feature hold legs securely in place
  • Safety chain and tripod feet with rubber skid pads and serrated edge prevent slippage in icy conditions
  • Available with reflective tape.

Miller® Quad Pod

For applications where a traditional tripod cannot be used, the Quad Pod provides an excellent alternative.


  • Versatile, two-piece unit consists of a boom and base
  • Base features folding legs and a wheel for easy transport
  • Boom rotates 360 degrees for maximum maneuverability and features a mounting plate to accommodate entry and retrieval units.
Also available with permanent bases for mounting to truck beds or at confined space entrances while transporting the boom between locations.

Optional Bases: 8464-3L, 24" (610mm) High Permanent Base
8464-3, 3" (76mm) High Permanent Base

Miller® Davit Mounting System

The Miller Davit Mounting System can be mounted on a ladder
(with 12-inch (305mm) spacing between rungs) extending into a manhole, vault or tank, and serves as an anchorage connector for entry and retrieval units, winches, or other mechanical devices. Ideal for tight work environments where traditional tripod and quad pods are not practical.

The complete system includes mounting plate, main tubing, retrieval unit bracket, and pulley head assembly.

Optional Base: 8847-8 Permanent Davit System Mounting Base

Model Number Description
Hoists & Winches
8442* ManHandler hoist w/60’ (18m) of galvanized wire rope
8440* Material winch w/60’ (18m) of galvanized wire rope
8441* Material winch w/88’ (27m) of galvanized wire rope
51 7’ (2m) high-strength aluminum Tripod
51X 9’ (2.7m) high-strength aluminum Tripod
Quad Pod System & Parts
8464 Quad Pod System
8464-1 Standard Quad Pod Base w/folding legs
8464-2 Quad Pod Boom
8464-3 3” (76mm) high permanent Quad Pod Base
8464-3L 24” (610mm) high permanent Quad Pod Base
Davit Mounting System
8847-9** Complete Davit System
8847-8 Permanent Davit System Mounting Base
*Also Available with stainless steel wire rope
**Consists of davit arm (8847-2), base (8847-1) self-retracting lifeline bracket (8847-3), and pulley head
assembly (8847-4)

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