Descent Devices

DBI/SALA Descent Devices

Automatic Descent Control Device

In any emergency you can depend on the Rescumatic® Automatic Descent Controller for safe, automatic, controlled descent from overhead cranes, towers, buildings or other heights. The system is easy to operate and ready to go-requiring no special skills and no outside power source. As soon as the unit is secured to an anchorage, it is ready to use. As one person puts on the harness and is lowered, a second harness travels up ready for use by the next person.
  • Controlled descent rate of three feet per second
  • 300 lbs. capacity
  • Automatically adjusts to users weight
  • Steel construction, corrosion resistant
  • Two webbing support harness
  • One 1-3/16" steel Saflok® self-closing/locking carabiner (2000106)
  • Styrene rope spool
  • Vinyl dust cover
  • Wire/nylon rope 5/16" (8mm) O.D. nylon braid jacket with 1/8" dia. wire core (Order separately; last 3 digits in part number signify length.)

Optional Rescumatic® Accessories

3610000 Rescue Cradle
3610150 Rescue Cradle with hooks & 150' rope
9501722 Snatch Block for Angled Descent
9501721 Permanent Mount Storage Box

Rollgliss® Self Rescue Device

This is the most compact self rescue device available. It allows easy storage and quick deployment. Ergonomic hand-lever provides personal control of activation and descent rate.

Rollgliss® Descender

This system is simplicity itself to operate. It is reliable and requires minimal maintenance. Used world-wide, it is now the ideal self-operated descent device for mast and antennae construction, cranes, special fire service tasks, off-shore operations and tactical actions by the police, military, etc.

  • Descent unit removable from line
  • Order rope, harness and bag separately

8900230: Rope 3/8" Kernmantle (olive)
8900229: Rope 3/8" Kernmantle (blue)
8900258: Harness (olive)
8900257: Harness (blue)
8900263: Bag for 65' rope (olive)
8900264: Bag for 115' rope (olive)
8900265: Bag for 150' rope (olive)

Fisk™ Descender

The simplest, most effective descent control system ever designed. It’s easy to trust a system designed for durability, thermal capacity and smooth flow.

  • Gentle flow for 19" of working line to pass through the descender
  • Large radius for smoother descent
  • Less wear to the working line
  • Reduction in rope hockling and torsional twist
  • Durable 304 stainless steel
  • Order 1205000 (1/2" static kernmantle) rope separately, last three digits in part number signify length

Miller® Controlled Descent Devices

Miller® Series 70 Universal Rescue System

The Miller Series 70 Universal Rescue System is a lightweight, compact, versatile access and retrieval rope system. Simple, one-person operation, the rope control handle allows the user to easily ascend and descend the rope line. Should an emergency rescue situation occur, a top-side worker may activate the system to retrieve the user.

Ideal for refineries, grain elevators, subways, fire departments, breweries, chairlifts, window washing, confined spaces, shipbuilding, transmission towers, power plants, offshore drilling and bridge inspection.

The Series 70 System consists of:

  • Aluminum head assembly with roller pulley and anti-reversing lock
  • Kernmantle rope with a breaking strength of 5600 lbs. (25kn) and high-temperature resistance to 360° F
  • Rope control handle with friction locking device and with permanently attached Manyard shock-absorbing lanyard
  • Two Carabiners
  • Convenient carrying bag

    A secondary fall arrest system is recommended.

Miller® Manual Descent Device

The Miller Manual Descent Device is designed for a variety of applications where smooth, controlled descent from an elevated position is required. The device, controlled by user, allows for making descent fast or slow; decelerating and stopping by applying slight outward pressure on the free end of the line; and locking in a stationary position for a hands-free work environment.

The device must be ordered with Miller brand descent rope.
Model Number Description
70-100* Series 70 System w/25’ (7.6m) working length
70-200* Series 70 System w/50’ (15m) working length
70-400* Series 70 System w/100’ (30m) working length
70-500* Series 70 System w/125’ (38m) working length
70-C Rope control handle w/attached Manyard shock-absorbing lanyard
Manual Descent Devices
8113** Descent Device Unit
8195** Polyester-braided Descent Rope
*Rope length is divided by four to determine maximum working length
**The 8113 Descent Device Unit must be ordered with the 8195 polyester-braided rope
(please specify length)

MSA Descent Devices

Automatic Dynescape® Descender

The Automatic Dynescape Descender is a rescue and evacuation device designed to automatically lower the user to ground level from a height. A frictional brake governs the extraction of the stainless steel wire rope to a maximum of 6 feet per second.

Dynescape™ Descenders Ordering Information
Part No. Description
506630 Automatic Dynescape Descender, 50’ stainless steel wire rope
506262 with 105’ stainless steel wire rope

Anthron Descender

The Anthron Descent Controller is a manually operated controlled descent device. It is most commonly used for suspended work positioning, self evacuation, or rescue operations. The device utilizes a cam assembly that provides friction on the rope to hold a load, or allow the load to descend at a controlled rate. To begin descent, the user depresses the control lever on the Anthron. If the control lever is fully depressed in a panic situation, the descent will stop. In most applications, the Anthron operator attaches the rope end to an approved anchor and descends suspended from the device in an approved harness, or bosun’s chair. The Anthron can also be inverted so that the device is attached to an approved anchor, and the rope end is attached to an injured person. In this orientation, the injured person can be lowered while being controlled by a rescuer. Other features include:

  • Proper roping/rigging diagrams on the side of the Anthron Descender
  • Device can be installed/removed at any point on the rope
  • Working load of 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • System consists of a 7/16” (11mm) rope, the Anthron Descender, and 2 carabiners
Anthron Descenders Ordering Information
Part No. Description
SDC726050 Anthron system includes: Anthron descender, 2 carabiners, 50’ rope
SDC726100 Anthron system includes: Anthron descender, 2 carabiners, 100’ rope
SDC726150 Anthron system includes: Anthron descender, 2 carabiners, 150’ rope
SDSD25 Anthron descender
SDC716050 Replacement rope, 7/16” (11 mm) Static Kermantle synthetic, 50’ (16m) length
SDC716100 Replacement rope, 7/16” (11 mm) Static Kermantle synthetic, 100’ (30m) length
SDC716150 Replacement rope, 7/16” (11 mm) Static Kermantle synthetic, 150’ (45m) length
SRB431101 Rope/equipment bag, holds 300’ (90 m) rope
SRB430301 Rope/equipment bag, #3 Cordura, orange, holds 300’ (90 m) rope
Anthron Systems and Replacement Ropes available in lengths of 25’ increments from 50’ up to 600’

  • Designed for the fire service, rescue, and police tactical operations
  • Designed for rope diameters from 7/16” (11 mm) to 5/8” (16 mm)
  • Available in aluminum or steel
  • Weight 1.5 lb. (675 g)
  • Strength 6,720 lb. (30 kN)

Part No. SRSF5045

  • Ears/cleat are positioned to make tie off very easy and safe
  • Ears/cleat still prevent larks footing (girth hitch)
  • Designed for 7/16” (11 mm) diameter rope
  • (will work with 1/2” (12 mm) diameter rope)
  • Aluminum, anodized gold
  • Strength 13,000 lbs (58 kN)
  • Weight 8 oz. (.24 kg)
Part No. SRSFFE2120

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