Engineered Systems

Engineered Fall Protection Systems

Whatever your task, SALA’s Engineered Systems Division has the expertise to create a custom-designed fall protection solution to meet your needs; protect your workers and keep them productive; and safeguard your company from lawsuits and compliance complaints.

Whether you need a start-to-finish turnkey project or just a portion of our service package (site survey and evaluation, design, engineering, structural fabrication, installation, testing, certification and training), we do what it takes to make your job easier and risk-free.

The SALA Engineered Systems staff is dedicated to providing exactly the right solution for your needs in the most responsive and cost effective way possible.

Roof Maintenance
Sayfglida® and Custom Anchor Points
Railcar Loading
Sayfglida® and Strong Arm® Frames

Truck Loading
High-Tension SecuraSpan™ System

Sayfglida® System
Permanent Horizontal Lifeline

Hands-free Operation
Means increased productivity. Focus on your job, not your fall protection system!

No Moving Parts
Means simple one-piece designs with no fragile parts to break off or fill with debris.

½” Stainless Steel Lifeline
Means reducing the chance of injury by minimizing deflection and handling greater loads.

Engineered Systems
Means customized solutions designed the way you want for complete assurance.

Total Support Services
Means complete training and customer service, making your job easier and risk-free!

Full Compliance
Means exceeding industry standards (including OSHA), for safety and peace of mind.

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