General MSA Harness Information

A fall arrest system must always include a full body harness and means of connection between the harness and a qualified anchorage point or anchorage connector. Such connecting means may consist of a lanyard, energy (shock) absorber, fall arrester (rope grab), lifeline, self-retracting lanyard, or qualified combinations of these.


Fall arrest systems are an assembly of components and subsystems, including the necessary connectors, used to arrest the user in a fall from a working height and suspend the user until rescue can be effected.

Suspension Systems permit workers to sit and work safely while elevated. The system is designed to raise or lower, and support a worker at an elevated work station. This system alone cannot be relied upon to provide proper fall arrest protection.

Restraint Systems are an assembly of components and subsystems, including the necessary connectors, used to: (a) stabilize and partially support the user at an elevated work location and allow free use of both hands; (b) restrict the user’s motion so as to prevent reaching a location where a fall hazard exists.

Personnel-Riding Systems provide a quick means of raising a user out of, or lowering a worker into, a working environment. The system supports full body weight for a short period of time, but should not be used for suspension. A retrieval system by itself may not provide all the protection a worker requires. Fall arrest and/or restraint systems may also be required.


SEI CERTIFICATION is an independent third party certification to the ANSI Z359.1 standard. SEI is a leader in safety equipment certification, and provides the assurance that your equipment meets the most current quality and performance standards in the industry.


Most harnesses listed in this catalog are Standard (STD) Size. Other sizes are available for weight capacities up to 360 lbs.* Custom harnesses are available up to a 400 lb weight capacity at no additional charge (custom harnesses with weight capacities of 361 - 400 lbs are priced at the SXL harness size).

*360 lb weight capacity applies to size SXL harnesses and excludes all Gravity Harnesses and Derrick Harnesses. Gravity and Derrick harnesses must be custom ordered for weight capacities above 310 lbs. When ordering a harness for a worker exceeding 310 lbs, a custom shock absorbing lanyard, designed for the weight of the individual, must also be ordered.

Why do we have harness sizes?

Universal or One-Size-Fits-All harnesses do not offer proper fit for all users. We offer different size harnesses to provide you with the best possible fit, and optimum safety and comfort. If you have any questions on selecting the proper harness size,
please contact our Fall Protection
Technical Hotline at


Customize your Pullover and Vestype Harnesses with these convenient accessories and features. These additional options must be ordered at the same time you order your Full Body Harness. (Additional charges apply).

  • Lanyard Retainer Clip keeps lanyards neat when not in use by attaching the snaphook to this retaining clip.
  • Label Logo--customize harnesses and lanyards with your company’s logo, safety message, or other important information on the harness label.

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