DBI/SALA Ladder Systems

Ladder Safety Systems

With DBI/SALA Ladder Safety Systems you are always assured of complete safety and security when climbing fixed ladders on poles, towers, tanks, etc. Every system is engineered to your specific requirements while meeting or exceeding OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards.

LAD-SAF® Flexible Cable System

The Popular LAD-SAF® Flexible Cable Systems offer fall protection when climbing a fixed ladder. The shock absorbing top bracket and tension-indicating bottom bracket serve as anchors for a steel cable which runs the length of the climbing area. Non-metallic cable guides reduce cable wear, permitting you to ascend (or descend) unhindered. The economical, easy to use systems are available for straight or curved ladders and for connection to wood, concrete or steel structures.

LAD-SAF® System
  • The basic LAD-SAF® system includes top and bottom brackets, required cable and non metallic cable guides, order by length.
  • A Delta™ harness of your choice, 1102010 recommended
  • LAD-SAF® sleeve with Saflok® carabiner 6116502

Ladder Gate®

To protect from the dangers (and liability!) of unauthorized access to fixed ladders, DBI/SALA developed the easily installed, maintenance-free Ladder Gate®. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, it’s angled sides enclose the ladder, preventing anyone from reaching around the shield. When the padlock is opened the door swings to the left or right of the ladder, depending on how it was mounted.

  • Accommodates ladder widths up to 20"
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • 8 ft. high x 36" wide x 1/8" thick
  • 87 lbs.

Railok® Rigid Rail Ladder System

As an alternative to a cable system, the highly portable Railok® utilizes a rectangular vertical rail that runs the length of your climbing structure and is compatible with any existing climbing structure.

Railok® System
  • Pre-punched mounting slots built into roll
  • 10 ft. sections
  • Galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel
  • Use with 5001050 Railok® safety sleeve with 2000523 Saflok® carabiner

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