Miller® Self Retracting Lifelines &Lanyards

Miller® MiniLite® Fall Limiter
Arrests Free Falls Within Inches

What is a Fall Limiter?

A Fall Limiter is a self-retracting lanyard with a quick-activating braking system that limits a free fall to inches. In contrast to shock-absorbing lanyards, a Fall Limiter eliminates the need for extended fall distance clearance. This minimizes the risk of injuries and makes rescue easy.

  • Lightweight, compact design - only 2.5 lbs. (1.1kg)
  • Corrosion resistant interior, frame and components.
  • No annual factory recertification required
  • Visual load indicator
  • High-impact protective outer cover.
  • Prominent reflective labeling
  • Available with a variety of integral anchorage connectors.
  • Meets OSHA, ANSI, (SA symbol) Z259.2.2 Type 1 and (CE symbol)

MiniLite Fall Limiter FL11

  • Arrests free falls within inches
  • Offers up to 11 feet (3.3m) of working capacity
  • Is so compact that it fits in the palm of your hand
  • Provides the best overall value when compared with competitive units.

Quick-activating, high-strength stainless steel braking system

Miller® MiniLite Fall Limiter - Anchorage Connector Options
Select from a variety of 5,000 lb. (22kn) rated anchorage connecting options for your MiniLite Fall Limiter. Integration of anchorage connection devices reduces overall cost of ownership.

Occupation / Application Legend
Construction Industrial Ironworker Painter Positioning Roofing Scaffold Telecommunications Universal Utility Warehouse

Miller MiniLite Fall Limiter - Anchorage Connector Options
Description Occupations
FL11 MiniLite without an anchorage connector
FL11-1 MiniLite w/steel twist-lock carabiner
FL11-2 MiniLite w/stainless steel swivel shackle
FL11-3 MiniLite w/carabiner and swivel shackle
FL11-4 MiniLite w/attached 3' (1m) cross-arm strap*
FL11-5 MiniLite w/locking rebar hook (2-1/2" (63mm) gate opening)
FL11-6 MiniLite w/rebar hook swivel shackle
FL11-7 MiniLite w/locking snap hook (3/4" (19mm) gate opening)
FL11-8 MiniLite w/snap hook and swivel shackle
FL11-9 MiniLite (FL11) w/no snap hook on the web lanyard
FL11-10 MiniLite w/swivel shackle (FL11-2) and no snap hook on the web lanyard end
*Additional lengths available

Retractable Web Lanyard
Model No. Description Occupations
8327 Compact, retractable lanyard with up to 10' (3m) of polyester webbing, complete with a top-swivel shackle, carabiner and a locking snap hook with 3/4" (19mm) gate opening
8327A Same as model 8327, except without the carabiner
AD6902 Same as model 8327, except with carabiners at the anchorage and lanyard ends, 8' (2.4m)

Miller® Mightylite Self-Retracting Lifelines

No Annual Factory Recertification*

Up to 30% lighter than competitive models in their class, MightyLite Self-Retracing Lifelines are easy to carry and install overhead. The units can also be permanently mounted for repeat use. MightyLite Lifelines are the perfect fall protection solution for an array of construction, industrial, warehouse, utility, telecommunications, agriculture, mining and confined space applications

  • Durable and dependable construction
  • No annual factory recertification required *
  • Ideal for hard-to-mount locations
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum components extend service life
  • Carabiner and tagline included**

Available in lengths from 20 feet (6m) to 130 feet (40m) with galvanized wire rope, stainless steel wire rope, Kevlar rope and/or polyester webbing.

Model No. Lifeline Material Length Weight Occupations
RL20P 1" (25mm) Polyester Webbing 20' (6m) 8 lbs. (3.6kg)
RL20G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized Cable 20' (6m) 9 lbs. (4kg)
RL20SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless Steel Cable 20' (6m) 9 lbs. (4kg)
RL30G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized Cable 30' (10m) 13 lbs. (5.9kg)
RL30SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless Steel Cable 30' (10m) 13 lbs. (5.9kg)
RL50P 1" (25mm) Polyester Webbing 50' (15m) 19 lbs. (8.6kg)
RL50G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized Cable 50' (15m) 21 lbs. (9.5kg)
RL50SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless Steel Cable 50' (15m) 21 lbs. (9.5kg)
RL65G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized Cable 65' (20m) 30 lbs. (13.6kg)
RL65SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless Steel Cable 65' (20m) 30 lbs. (13.6kg)
RL100G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized Cable 100' (30m) 40 lbs. (18.1kg)
RL100SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless Steel Cable 100' (30m) 40 lbs. (18.1kg)
RL130G 3/16" (5mm) Galvanized Cable 130' (40m) 50 lbs. (22.7kg)
RL130SS 3/16" (5mm) Stainless Steel Cable 130' (40m) 50 lbs. (22.7kg)
*Does not apply to Canada due to CSA Z259.2.2-98 requirements. Must be inspected by a DFP authorized service center if involved in a fall or if fails user visual or function inspection.
**Also available without the carabiner and tagline. To order add a "B" to the corresponding model number.

Meets OSHA, ANSI and CSA Z259.2.2 Type 2 and CE requirements.

Miller® RoofStrider Systems
RoofStrider System

The RoofStrider System is designed to offer continuous fall protection for workers on variable pitch wood roofs. It installs on roof peaks or on flat side, and over most ridge vents, studs, joists, etc.

Kit includes:

  • RoofStrider System (roof mounting assembly, Mightylite Self-Retracting Lifeline with rotating bracket and hardware)
  • DuraFlex E850 Harness
  • Durable Carrying Bag
  • Instructional Video

RoofStrider II System

The RoofStrider II System is designed for use on standing seam metal roofs and metal decking. The adjustable 24” (610mm) to 32” (812mm) apart on metal roofs (24 gauge or greater) to provide convenient and dependable fall protection. Optional screw-on feet may be ordered for attaching to metal decking.

Kit Includes:

  • RoofStrider II System (roof mounting assembly with clamping feet, MightyLite Self-Retracting Lifeline with rotating bracket and hardware)
Features for RoofStrider and RoofStrider II Systems

Maximum Mobility

  • Swivel 360° providing constant protection without sacrificing worker maneuverability.
  • Accommodates varying length MightyLite Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL’s)

Greater Versatility

  • Installs on sloped or flat roof surfaces
  • Systems designed for wood roofs, metal roofs and metal decking

Superior Performance

  • MightyLite SRL’s require no annual factory recertification* increasing productivity
  • MightyLite SRL’s arrest free falls within 24 inches (610mm) while energy-absorbing legs reduce fall forces.

Simple Installation

  • Minimal tools required
  • Designed to not damage roof
  • Easily moved from job to job

*Does not apply to Canada due to CSA Z259.2.2-98 requirements. Must be inspected by a Dalloz Fall Protection authorized service center if involved in a fall, or if fails user visual or functional inspection

Meets OSHA 1926.500 subpart M construction fall protection regulation and ANSI A10.14

RoofStrider II System Options:

Clamping feet with hardware. Included with the RoofStrider II System. May be ordered separately and attached to an existing RoofStrider System.


Screw-on feet with metal piercing hardware for metal decking or flat roof applications. Must be ordered separately. Not included with the RoofStrider II System.


Miller® Roof Anchor Kits
Miller Roof Anchor Kits are easy to install and are ready in minutes to provide hours of protection.

All Roof Anchor Kits include: 25-foot (7.6m) or 50-foot (15m), 5/8-inch (16mm) nylon rope lifeline; manual rope grab with 24-inch (610mm) lanyard with SofStop shock absorber, a DuraFlex E850 stretchable harness, carabiner, written and video instructions and a durable carrying bag.

Plus, the RA10 Kit includes 12 single-use roof anchors and 72/16d cement-coated nails. The RA20 Kit includes 2 reusable roof anchors and 20 pan head screws.

  • Versatile, single-use roof anchors or reusable roof anchors install on steep pitched or flat-surface roofs.
  • Rope grab with integral SofStop shock-absorbing web lanyard allows freedom of movement while reducing forces should a fall occur.
  • Durable nylon rope lifeline provides strength under stress and protects against ultraviolet rays.

Roofing Fall Protection Products
Model Number Description
RoofStrider System Kits
RM50P RoofStrider Kit w/50’ (15m) MightyLite SRL, polyester webbing
RM65G* RoofStrider Kit w/65’ (20m) MightyLite SRL, galvanized wire rope
RoofStrider II System Kits and Accessories
SRM RoofStrider II Mounting Assembly with clamping feet
SRM30G* Kit w/30’ (10m) MightyLite SRL, galvanized wire rope
SRM50P Kit w/50’ (15m) MightyLite SRL, polyester webbing
SRM50G* Kit w/50’ (15m) MightyLite SRL, galvanized wire rope
SRM65G* Kit w/60’ (20m) MightyLite SRL, galvanized wire rope
SRMF-1 Clamping feet and hardware for use w/RoofStrider II System
SRMF-2 Screw-on feet and hardware for use w/RoofStrider II System
Roof Anchor Kits and Accessories
RA10** Kit w/single-use roof anchors and rope lifeline
RA20** Kit w/reusable roof anchors and rope lifeline
RA10-1 12 single-use roof anchors/72 nails
RA15-1 10 reusable roof anchors w/D-ring/60 nails
RA20-1 2 reusable roof anchors/20 screws
*Also available with stainless steel wire rope. To order, change the "G" to an "SS" in the corresponding model number. (Ex.: SRM50G becomes SRM50SS)

**Must specify 25' (7.6m) or 50' (15m) rope lifeline. Simply add "-25" or "-50" to the model number. (Ex.: RA10-25; RA20-50) Kits may also be ordered with and 850 Non-Stretch Harness in place of the E850 Harness. Add an "N" to the model Number. (Ex: RA10N)

NOTE: Roof Anchor Kits may also be ordered with polyester/polypropylene blend rope lifeline.

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