DBI/SALA Horizontal Lifelines

Horizontal Lifeline Systems

You can always depend on DBI/SALA horizontal safety systems for mobility and fall protection while working up high and exposed. Built with DBI/SALA durability and portability, the lightweight systems are reusable again and again. From maintenance to bridge work, construction to manufacturing, our systems make it easy to comply with safety standards. Every horizontal safety system is engineered to keep you safe-with total confidence.

Horizontal Lifeline Systems - Simple, Reliable, Safe!

Sayfline™ horizontal systems are not only lightweight and easy to install, they are also extremely portable. Just disassemble and take to the next job. Engineered with DBI/SALA attention to quality and detail, the Sayfline™ systems will work alongside you with absolute safety and reliability.

Sayfline™ Synthetic Horizontal Lifeline System
  • Easily installed with no special tools or equipment
  • Lightweight, only 12 lbs.
  • Rope lifeline assembly with tensioner
  • Two-tie-off adapters
  • 20 ft. long
  • Carrying/storage bag
  • Similar Models:
    7600030: 30' system
    7600040: 40' system
    7600050: 50' system
    7600060: 60' system
Sayfline™ Cable Horizontal Lifeline system
  • Cable lifeline assembly
  • Turnbuckle to tension
  • Zorbit™ energy absorber
  • Cable grip
  • 20 ft. long
  • Similar Models:
    7602030: 30' system
    7602040: 40' system
    7602050: 50' system
    7602060: 60' system
    7602070: 70' system
    7602080: 80' system
    7602090: 90' system
    7602100: 100' system
Zorbit™ Kits
  • Allows you to customize your own system safely
  • Zorbit™ energy absorber
  • 2 shackles
  • 2 bolts/nuts
  • Similar Models:
    7401032: with turnbuckle
    7401033: with turnbuckle, thimble and cable clips (just add your own cable)

Portable Horizontal Lifeline Systems

Designed with the help of craftsmen in the field, the BeamSafe™ system gives you an easy-to-install tie-off pint before flooring or other fall protection is available. Position the BeamSafe™ system almost anywhere on a beam for both fall protection and as a hand-rail for balance-for up to two people. Installing the system is quick and easy, requiring just a standard wrench to assemble the two bolts and a safety strap. Each lightweight stanchion, weighting less than 35 lbs., mounts at a 19 degree angle from the base to keep in out of the way while walking on the beam.

Complete BeamSafe™ System
  • Two lightweight BeamSafe™ stanchions (anchors)
  • Zorbit™ energy absorber with turnbuckles
  • 20 ft. cable assembly
  • Fastening hardware
  • Standard size fits flanges 6-1/2" - 24" wide; up to 3/4" thick
  • Optional adapter fits to 26" wide; 3-1/4" thick
  • instructional video
  • Similar Models:
    7400530: 30' system
    7400540: 40' system
    7400550: 50' system
    7400560: 60' system

Iron Wing™
Portable Horizontal Lifeline Systems

The easy way to install and fully customize Iron Wing™ System is ideal for larger beams and multi-span lengthy systems and is carefully engineered for continuous fall protection while giving you freedom of movement. DBI/SALA’s 3-point claw/contact system offers reliability without tie-back – reducing trip fall hazards.

The all metallic system, designed for durability and safety, includes a 3/8” 7x19 galvanized cable lifeline offset from the beam by 12 inches for easy passage and elevated 40 inches high for use as a hand rail. Engineered for convenience as well as safety, you can purchase a complete turnkey system or custom-design a system to fit your specific job requirements.

  • Two lightweight Iron Wing™ stanchions (anchors)
  • Internal in-line energy absorber 20 ft. cable assembly with turnbuckle
  • Fastening hardware
  • Standard size fits flanges 6"-12" and 12-24" wide; up to 1-1/4" thickness
  • Instructional video
  • Similar Models:
    7003030: 30' system
    7003040: 40' system
    7003050: 50' system
    7003060: 60' system

Customize Your Own System Bridge Construction
7006606: Stanchion with energy absorber
7006608: Stanchion - Intermediate
7006602: Stanchion - Standard
7000000: Cable assembly with turnbuckle, 20' - 100' lenghts available in 10' increments, (last three digits in part number detail length)
7001000: Cable with swage fitting, 20' - 100' lenghts available in 10' increments, (last three digits in part number detail length)
Delta™ Harness 110332

Shockwave2™ Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Custom Iron Wing™ System

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