Rescue Positioning

DBI/SALA Rescue Positioning System

Use this simple, extremely reliable rescue or positioning system to raise and/or lower yourself or someone else, providing a stable way to reach a working level, even in tight quarters. After reaching the working level, you can lock out the RPD without needing a tie-off. Backup safety is provided through an inertial speed break that activates automatically if you lose control or become unconscious. A slight tug on the rope will resume the raising or lowering.

  • Rescue positioning device with 3:1 gear ratio
  • Connecting sling (3620001)
  • Rescue sling (3302002)
  • Two carabiners (2000523)
  • 3/8" low stretch static kernmantle rope (Order separately. Last three digits in part number signify length)
  • Storage bag
  • Similar Model:
    3602000: 4:1 ratio
Ordering Data for Rescue-Positioning Device Systems
  1. Specify model: 3600000: featuring 3:1 ratio OR 3602000: featuring 4:1 ratio
  2. Specify correct rope footage; calculate required rope length as follows:
    For 3600000: featuring 3:1 ratio: Multiply working travel length by 4 and add 10 feet to the total.
    For 3602000: featuring 4:1 ratio: Multiply working travel length by 5 and add 10 feet to the total.
  3. Specify accessories needed (optional items), if any.

Optional Accessories

Storage box for 300 ft. of rope and more

Rope Gripping Handle
  • Right handed
  • Aids in pulleying rope
  • Similar Model:
    9503037: left handed
Rescue Cradle
  • For safe and quick removal of injured personnel
  • Treated canvas with polyester web
  • Self-closing/locking carabiner (2000523)
  • Steel connecting ring
  • 300 lb. capacity
  • 3/16" polypropylene guided rope

Rollgliss® Rescue System

The Rollgliss® System is a versatile and efficient state-of-the-art modular ascending and descending rope rescue system that sets new standards in safety and rescue. With a Rollgliss® system, it takes just a moment to change the hauling ratio, giving you more time to save more lives!

8902004 Rollgliss® Rope Rescue System
  • 3:1 ratio, 50 ft. travel distance (200 ft. 3/8" rope)
  • 1/2" rope models meet NFPA requirements
  • Interchangeable pulley system
  • Includes R350 rope unit, pulleys, rope control device, securing strap, anchoring sling, carabiners and carrying bag
  • Other lengths available. (Must order in 10 ft. increments)

Optional Accessories
8900251 Hand Winch
  • Simplifies hauling, retrieval and ascension
  • Secure to any tripod
  • Built-in fall-stop protection when used with
    a rope control device

MSA Rescue Cradles

The Rescue Cradle is available in two model types. The SRH30701 model is designed to allow easy placement on a person. Equipped with 4” (10 cm) polyester webbing and 4 - 3” (7.6 cm) D-rings. One size fits all. The Rescue Cradle, model SRH30703, is designed to be very similar to the SRH30701 model, except it is constructed with 1 - 3/4” (4.4 cm) nylon webbing, 2” (5 cm) attachment ring, and an elastic shoulder strap.

Part No. SRH30701 Part No. SRH30703
Rescue Cradles Ordering Information
Part No. Description
SRH30701 Rescue Cradle, 4 D-rings, 4” (10 cm) polyester webbing
SRH30703 Rescue Cradle, 2” attachment ring, 1-3/4” (4.45 cm) nylon webbing

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