DBI/SALA Rope Grabs

DBI/SALA has you covered with a complete line of mobile and static rope grabs for both synthetic fiber rope and steel wire cable, along with a wide variety of lifelines to meet your work needs.

All of our rope grabs are made of high grade corrosion resistant materials. Our most popular LAD-SAF® rope grabs automatically follow you, giving you maximum freedom and hands-free operation. They can be detached or removed anywhere along the lifeline. The rope grabs utilize a cam lever as well as a friction sensitive brake to lock the rope grab onto the lifeline in case of a fall, even if the operator holds the device open in a panic situation. They will also reduce the arresting forces on a worker if there is a fall.

Mobile Rope Grab
  • Inertia/cam locking system
  • Energy (shock) absorbing design
  • Detachable
  • Fits 5/8" dia. rope lifeline
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Similar Model:
    5001442:fits 3/4" dia. rope lifeline
Static Wire Rope Grab
  • Patented wedging action grips and locks onto cable lifeline
  • Attachment ring for connecting to lanyard
  • Fits 38/" dia. 7x19 galvanized stainless steel cable
  • Detachable
  • Stainless steel construction
Rope Grab System
Rope Grab System
  • 5/8" dia. rope grab (5001441)
  • 50 ft. Lifeline (1202794)
  • Flexable counterweight, 5.7 lbs. (5901583)
  • 3 ft. EZ Stop® II shock absorbing lanyard (1220007)
  • Carry Bag (9511597)
  • Similar Model:
    5003100: with 100' lifeline

Miller® Rope Grabs

Miller Rope Grabs move easily up and down vertical lifelines to provide continuous fall protection. Trailing models offer complete hands-free operation for increased productivity. In the event of a fall, Miller Rope Grabs lock instantly.
Corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction.

Description Occupations
Stainless steel, compact trailing wire rope grab w/ 5/16" (8mm) wire rope tunnel
Stainless steel, compact trailing wire rope grab w/ 5/8" (16mm) rope tunnel
Stainless steel, manual rope grab w/ 5/8" (16mm) or 3/4" (19mm) synthetic rope tunnel
Same as 8174 except w/attached 4' (1.2m) Manyard shock-absorbing lanyard w/locking snap hook
Same as 8174 except w/attached 2' (.6m) rope lanyard w/locking snap hook
Same as 8174 except w/attached 2' (.6m) nylon web lanyard w/locking snap hook
Same as 8174 except w/attached SofStop shock-absorber w/locking snap hook
Stainless steel trailing rope grab w/ 5/8" (16mm) rope tunnel
Same as 8175 except w/attached 3' (1m) rope lanyard w/locking snap hook
Same as 8175 except w/attached 3' (1m) nylon web lanyard w/locking snap hook
Same as 8175WLS except w/SofStop shock-absorber w/locking snap hook

MSA Rope Grabs


The FP Pro Rope Grab is a Unique, versatile, lightweight and affordable, the FP Pro Rope Grab features:

  • Hands-free operation while ascending or descending
  • Ultra-smooth travel action
  • Cam and hinge design allows for a quick, easy installation on the rope
  • Available with either polyester or polyester/polypropylene blend rope
  • Meets ANSI A10.14, ANSI Z359.1, and all applicable OSHA standards
FP PRO Rope Grab Ordering Information
Part No. Description
415940 Rope Grab with Dyna-Brake shock absorbing lanyard, 3’ length
415941 Rope Grab with 12” fixed, nylon, lanyard
415942 Rope Grab kit with 50’ -5/8” rope, polyester, anchorage connector strap
415943 Rope Grab kit with 100’ rope
415964 Rope Grab kit with 50’-5/8”rope, polyester/polypropylene, nylon anchorage connector strap
415965 Rope Grab kit with 100’ rope
416065 Rope Grab replacement lanyard with shock absorber
416066 Rope Grab replacement lanyard, 12” strap

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