DBI/SALA Workseats

Whether the job is window washing, maintenance, painting, or other suspended work applications, DBI/SALA has a suspension support style and model already designed for the talk. Design options include leg straps, board seat, cushion, D-rings, buckles and more. All models feature 1-3/4 inch wide latex treated polyester webbing (8,800 min. tensile strength) and drop forged cadmium plated alloy steel hardware (5,000 lb. Min. tensile strength). Some models also feature a 3-inch wide seat sling and most offer a body belt with 3-inch pad for back support.

Boatswain's Chairs
  • Seat board (12"x24"x1")
  • Cushion
  • Wear Pads at contact areas
  • Side snap to hang equipment or tools
Suspension Workseat Seat Sling
  • Seat board
  • Tongue buckle body belt with 3" pad
  • Back D-ring
  • Suspension D-rings
  • Adjustable leg and shoulder straps
  • Size: Large (see body belt size chart)
  • Designed for attachment to a full body harness for extra support
  • 8" wide seat sling
  • Belt attachment loops and D-ring

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